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e-learning - The Flexible way to learn. All you need is an internet connection.

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Why Should I Choose e-Learning?

 At Tees Safety Training, we understand that people have extremely busy lives and different learning styles. Whether you are a busy parent, high pressure director, a self-employed professional, contractor or a large business with many employees, our e-learning options are available 24/7 and will allow you to develop your skills at your own pace!

Your Choice

Tees Safety Training e-learning courses allow you to work at your own pace.

  • You choose the device; smart phone, tablet or PC
  • You choose how long you want to study for at each session
  • You choose which and how many of our e-learning courses you want to study

It's Cost Effective and Saves Time

By reducing the time taken away from work, removing travel expenditure and printed material costs, online learning helps you to save time and money.

It Makes Tracking Course Progress Simple

Perhaps the most important aspect of using a computer for training is that it is easy to track and prove your progress. This can be essential for courses where mandatory training is required.

Fun and Engaging

By using a variation of activities and quizzes in the system, the training is both fun and interactive. This ensures the training is engaging and stimulating for the learner.

It's Discreet

Not everybody feels comfortable learning in a large group, especially if they find something difficult to understand. E-learning allows each individual to tackle the subject at their own pace, with interactive tasks being set in place to ensure a thorough understanding throughout each module.

Adding to your Skills Set

e-learning can be a fantastic way to add value to your CV, increase your employability skills or your sector based knowledge. Many people undertake a range of short courses to build up their understanding, to improve their professional standing or to stay up to date with skills and legislation while employers find it can be an easy way to upskill large numbers of staff cost effectively.

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